Some of the best truck tire brands on the market today

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Tires are an important detail for vehicles in general and trucks in particular, which is one of the components that make up the vehicle. However, there are few people who pay attention to it because of its smallness, but those tiny tires are carrying on their mission to ensure safety for your whole family. Therefore, in addition to choosing the price factor, car owners and car users also gradually switch to the types of tires that are rated as the best and most famous in the market to ensure safety. for people and goods.

Come on! Let's join Viettire and learn about some of the best rated truck tire brands on the market today!

Maxxis truck tire

Maxxis - Taiwan's longtime brand, operates in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Dubai. Products distributed in 170 countries, very famous for durable truck tire product lines. The durability and adaptability of this tire is relatively good compared to many other brands in the market. Maxxis also has another advantage of being very competitive in price so it is suitable for cost saving requirements in trucks.


Truck tire Maxxis

In addition, Maxxis truck tires are also very rich in size, bar code for light trucks or heavy trucks. Besides, there is maxxis zinc loading and maxxis nylon loading that serve almost the entire market demand both in price and quality.

Otani truck tire

Otani is a well-known Thai tire brand with light truck tires, heavy-duty trucks that are not inferior to Maxxis tires, but the resale price is very competitive. However, Otani is still a relatively new name with many drivers, but with strong points in terms of durability and distribution with relatively competitive prices, in recent years Otani truck tires have been trusted by customers. I thought of choosing more so I had a market share that was not inferior to Maxxis.


Truck tire Otani

Brigestone truck tire

Brigestone is a very old and famous tire brand of Japan. Brigestone has been present in 150 countries and regions in the world such as Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, America .... Brigestone has been introduced to Vietnam many years ago, so in general terms, The price of Brigestone truck tires is slightly higher than that of Maxxis tires. However, this is an investment "worth the money" because Japanese Brigestone tires are always highly appreciated for durability.



 Truck tire Brigeston

Michelin truck tire

French brand of long tires also received a lot of sympathy and positive reviews from users. Its tire products have surpassed Europe's extreme standards for quality and durability. In addition, Michelin also distributes a wide range of truck tire products suitable for different car models and segments.

 x-multid Truck tire Michelin

However, although the quality is outstanding, Michelin is not the truck tire company selected by transport companies. The reason is that the selling price of this tire is quite high, even the highest in the domestic truck tire market today. However, Michelin truck tires will be the perfect choice for small trucks that are used for business and transportation on a family business scale.

Choosing a truck tire is an extremely important step because it not only affects the performance of the vehicle but also affects the driver's life and the car's cargo. Choosing poor quality tires, unclear origins may have deadly risks during use. Have you used any of the above tires? If not, please contact Viettire immediately through the hotline: 
(028) 22 06 06 06 to have a chance to test. The best quality truck tires today such as Maxxis, Otani, Brigestone, Michelin ... are imported and distributed by us. We specialize in consulting on tires and price list, you will definitely not Now be disappointed by your smart choice.




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