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Tires for trailers come in many different sizes to suit the width and diameter of the wheel used by the manufacturers. This is why it is very important to check your trailer carefully before buying tires.



Tire for trailers from Otani brand


What is the trailer tire and its benefits?


Trailer tire  is basically the tire that you attach to the trailers' wheels. Tires for trailers come in many different sizes to suit the width and diameter of the wheel used by the manufacturers. This is why it is very important to check your trailer carefully before buying tires.


The standard measurement of tires for trailers consists of three numbers, followed by a dash, followed by two other numbers. Then, an R followed by the numbers means Radial , B is Bias. For example, Radial tire with a width of 235 mm and a rate of 80% will be recorded as 235-80R.


Radial tire and Bias tire have difference in handling properties and should not be confused with each other. In this article, we will give you more information about these two types of tire.


We recommend using the same tire tread and same size on the same axis. In addition, manufacturers change rubber compounds such as carbon black and silica. This makes the tire designed to suit different vehicle types, weather and driving styles. It also provides a balance between traction and wear.


Types of trailer tire


Two types of trailer tire so you can better understand: :


Radial tire : This tire has layers running perpendicular to the belt and rim. It is considered to be superior to Bias tire on tread wear problems, with an average lifespan of 40,000 miles. Radial tire requires more sophisticated manufacturing technology on modern lines compared to Bias tire. It also tends to run cooler especially during long trip. Radial tires are more suitable for use on highways or large tonnage. The reason is that they pull better at high speed, as well as better durability than bias tires. They have better heat resistance, thus reducing the risk of explosion during long distance trips.


Bias tire: This tire has layers running at 30 degrees. Tires with steeper slopes allow heavier loads. It is considered to be less superior than radial tires, because the lifespan only lasts about 12,000 miles. Bias tires are also considered a cheap alternative suitable for medium to low usage. They can also be used on highway but will not work as well as radial tires.


Factors for you to consider choosing the best trailer tire


Below lists all the factors you must consider if you are looking for the best trailer tire for your work.


Size: Buy a tire for a trailer that is too large or too small for the wheel, it will be dangerous. You have to make sure it is compatible with the trailer you are driving.


Load rating: Load can cause damage to the tire of the trailer if the tire is purchased improperly. If you do not choose the tire for your trailer with the appropriate maximum weight and load, it may be a safety issue that you must pay attention to.


Extra weight: This is also an important factor, as tires will carry the weight of your trailer and goods. The best way is to choose tire that exceeds the rating and the limit you need.


Sidewall strength (sidewall): Beside size and load rating, you should also consider the sidewall strength of your trailer tires. Your tires need to be able to withstand the maximum pressure. When the temperature of tire increases, tire pressure also increases. You should choose a tire that suffers high-pressure.


Ply Ratings : When you check the tires, this will indicate the maximum weight and minimum pressure needed to carry that weight. A ply rating is measured with letters like D, E or F and they tell you the strength of the tires.


Longevity: A degraded tire is very unsafe to drive. You have to choose a trailer tire that can last as long as possible. It can also be considered a budget tip if you don't want to change the tire every year.


Cooling: This is also an important factor as this prevents tire explosion, thus preventing damage to your tires. You have to choose one with a cooling system as well as dissipates heat.


Easy to attach: Tire replacement must be easy and effortless. You should choose a tire for trailer that is easy to install because you won't take a lot of effort when installing.


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Maxxis UM968 tire for trailers


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