Take care of container tires properly for drivers

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To be safe, save fuel and increase the life of your container tires (container tyres), you should always watch closely and always check them before each trip. Especially in summer, hot sunlight, high temperature on the road can lead to tire problems such as explosion and other dangerous situations.

Container tires and safety issues



Take care of your tyres

Container truck is a very popular type of heavy transport on roads. When participating in traffic, safety issues for human beings are above all, to avoid the case of unfortunate container accidents as recently, drivers always have to closely take a look and always check container tires (container tyres) thoroughly before each trip.

Make sure you are at a safe level by regularly checking your tires. As below, what you should track closely, along with some rules you should know when it comes to your tires:


- Air pressure: Regularly check the air pressure to ensure the level meets the standards. Also, see if the tire has problems maintaining air pressure, you should immediately contact your maintenance department. According to Truckinginfo.com, pressure below the allowed level is any pressure lower than the recommended minimum for tire loading. The most ideal condition for checking air pressure is when tires are cold, before starting a trip to measure more accurately. Low air pressure is one of the main causes of tire explosion and fire, along with other tire problems.


- Condition : In each container tire inspection prior to the trip, check the condition of your tires by paying attention to listening for air leaks, signs of uneven wear, damage to the side or anything unusual.


- Tire tread: A container tire (container tyre) with a low tread depth is more likely to explode when it hits the debris. In addition, if the tread is worn unevenly, it is a sign of inappropriate air pressure.

- Valve: If the valve cap is lost, immediately replace the missing valve cap.


- If you hit or run through a large debris on the road, stop driving. Find a good stop to check for any damage.


- Always consider between dual tires to see if there is anything wrong: Something is stuck, obstructions or strange objects, for example.


Maintaining your tires not only makes you safer on the road but also helps you avoid damage, improve fuel mileage and make your tires more durable.


Quotation of replacement and maintenance services for your container tires (container tyres)



Take care tyres at VIETTIRE

The service of tire maintenance and replacement service that VIETTIRE can bring to you can be mentioned as:

  • Inflation and test tires using a calibrated air gauge
  • Measure tread depth
  • Check tires for damage such as flat spots, cuts, wear, unmatched tires, irregular wear patterns ...
  • Check the container wheel to detect the valve stems is deflected, the valve cap is lost, the wheel is broken, oil leaks ...
  • Tighten the wheel nuts to adjust the torque
  • Checking other vehicle damage may cause downtime

Contact VIETTIRE today to get free advice and special offer for you about replacing and maintaining container tires properly and economically.

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