Dump truck tire, mining vehicle tires


1. Tire's Advantages:

- Used for off-the-road vehicles and construction vehicles, increasing usage time.

- Challenging the harsh terrain, high endurance, material of tire from high-grade rubber compound, adapting well to quarries, mining yards, leveling yards ...


2. Tire features :

- High cut resistance, increased shear resistance from external forces.
- Special tire compound, good wear resistance and longer usage time.
- Super reinforced structure for tire body.
- Special pattern design helps to operate self-cleaning effectively.
- Designed a larger pattern groove depth, improving tire life.


Sizes Available

Technical specifications

Pattern PR Overall
Diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
Pressure (kpa)
MaxLoad(kg)  Meas
Width (in) 
Type Tread
Depth (mm) 
11.00-20 24PR 1.118 300 840 3,845 8.00 TT 24.0
12.00-20 24PR 1.150 322 840 3,845 8.50 TT 30.0